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T.O.K. – Footprints (When You Cry) Directed by Jay Will

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

The success of Footprints has been huge. The heartfelt song served as a tribute to all the victims of violence. The single has been identified as a vehicle of healing, for the band and all the people, who have lost loved ones to the war plaguing the streets of Jamaica.

“T.O.K. is the world’s greatest Dancehall-Reggae band!” – New York Times

“This Jamaican foursome is one of a kind – literally. T.O.K.’s sophomore set is a nonstop romp, a high-energy merger of innovative Jamaican producers and vocalist adept at turning their eclectic, insistent beats into singsong hits….To put it mildly, the end result is hotter than 98°. – Blender Magazine

“As it turns out, their Unknown Language is a dialect that is familiar to all.” – Right On Magazine.

“Unknown Language has all the ingredients in place which translate into BREAKOUT…Sound that goes way beyond the usual ‘strung together proven tunes with new tunes a filler common to reggae music.” – Carib News

“These guys are definitely on their way to stardom. They can sing, harmonize, and DJ. What more can you ask for?”
– Source Magazine

“Rolling like superstars in their Jamaican home base, these youths always dictate the hottest musical trends on the street, especially as talented as these guys are – whether singing, deejaying, rapping, or singjaying…And as with any T.O.K. release, the high quality of their global appeal immediately assures a place in mainstream circles, on radio or though videoclips on MTV and BET.” – THE BEAT (***** review).

“…effortlessly alternating between dulcet sung vocals and tough-edged rhymes, all of which is delivered over blistering beats.”
– Miami New Times

“I love this TOK Footprints record because it’s something that everyone can relate to. Every now and then a record comes along that says so much. We always hear about the Bling Bling and the bottles & models and those records start to sound the same, but Footprints is a record that’s going to make you think. Smash!!!” – DJ Buck, Program Director of WZMX (Hartford, CT)

“Everybody do me a favor & listen 2 the words 2 footprints by T.O.K!!!! U can feel the emotions of the lyrics as T.O.K. shows you how much they’ve matured. T.O.K. is here 2 stay!!!” – DJ MISTER CEE HOT 97(NYC)

“Unknown Language has all the ingredients which translate into big time breakout. Hit producers provide a sound that goes way beyond the usual “strung together proven tunes as filler” common to reggae music.” – Global Rhythm On Disc

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Reggae Artist Gentleman Sings “Superior” Song

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

This German Reggae artist has been a hit over the past few years. If you want to hear what makes Gentleman great pick up Journey to Jah or Confidence.

Jah Cure – Reflection

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Jah Cure sings his heart out in this reggae song.